As a result of the “Turkish R&D Study” held by Turkishtime, the Economics and Business Portal, for the eighth time this year, Santa Farma Pharmaceuticals was placed at the top of the list among all industries with 101 trademarks according to the number of trademarks received from the R&D Centre in 2021. Also, Santa Farma Pharmaceuticals ranked as the 6th pharmaceutical company with the highest investment in R&D thanks to a total expenditure of TRY 30,083,364.00 and as the 8th pharmaceutical company with the highest number of projects thanks to 78 projects conducted in pharmaceutical industry.

Santa Farma Pharmaceuticals Strategic Planning and Operations Vice President Sami Kiresepi said, “A close review into top 50 global innovators reveals that 29 of them are IT companies while 9 companies operate in pharmaceutical industry, 2 companies operate in automotive industry and the remaining 10 companies are acting in other industries. Hence, pharmaceutical industry follows digital industry in the list of top 50 innovative companies. This is one of the leading industries for the future thanks to its high cost infrastructure and expansive R&D studies. With a share of 15 per cent, pharmaceutical industry has the largest share in global R&D expenses. Unfortunately, none of the industries has a sufficient budget for R&D studies in Turkey. Turkish pharmaceutical market has a high potential to become a prominent actor in global pharmaceutical industry thanks to its long-term experience, constantly developed manufacturing technology, ever-expanding manufacturing capacity and qualified workforce. Therefore, Santa Farma Pharmaceuticals increases the number of its R&D studies every other day in order to provide more benefit to all.”

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