Santa Farma Pharmaceuticals Receives its 4th EU-GMP Certificate

Santa Farma Pharmaceuticals was awarded EU-GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Certificate, which is required for marketing its products outside Turkey, for the fourth time as a result of the audits performed by the Croatian Health Authority (HALMED) in November 2022.

The certificate which is issued for recognition of the products developed and manufactured by the company outside our country allows Santa Farma Pharmaceuticals to develop and register generic products for the European Union member states and other regulated markets.

The certificate covers the products which are currently developed for the European Union Market in addition to new products for which Drug Registration File application processes are pending.

Mr Sami Kiresepi, Vice President for Strategic Planning and Operations at Santa Farma Pharmaceuticals, said, “This audit has proven, once again, the capability of Santa Farma to develop and register generic products for the European Union and other regulated markets in addition to its capacity to manufacture products in line with the current GMP requirements and the highest level pharmaceutical quality standards. We have no doubt that we will always achieve better thanks to our experienced and competent management team who are true to our corporate culture and our highly motivated colleagues who remain dedicated to our goals. I would like to congratulate all Santa Farma members for their painstaking efforts in this process and hope that we will make many more achievements together.”

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